About Pixie

I have always been someone who loves photography and from a young age I was out among the flowers and trees capturing my surrounds. I even had one of those 1970s Instamatic that I loved. I entered a competition when I was 16 after I photographed the Blue Mountains in Australia with that very Instamatic and even won an award. 

Fast forward a few years, and I have been lucky enough to exhibit a number of my images in The New Zealand Art Show, galleries and I have been published in NZ Photographer online Magazine and various other places, like calendars and attended markets with my imagery. 

Nature for me is really connective, it is what grounds me, inspires me and empowers me. 

I love looking for the light in nature, how it dapples through the trees, or caresses the curl of a leaf, through to the twinkle of light on the ocean. Nature is telling her story, and I often sit quietly, watch and listen. You will often find me sitting among the forests - 'forest bathing' and just 'being' before I take any photo. I admit, I don't have the fanciest of equipment but I do make do with what I have and I think it's a fun journey anyway! I always have believed it's not necessarily the camera you use, but the eye you have behind the lens. Depending on what you are doing of course! Then specs and all sorts come into it :) 

The areas of photography I particularly love is using macro photography capturing florals, then landscapes, sky and water imagery - with the odd beautiful bird life we have in New Zealand.  

I hope you like my journey through nature and the lens. Watch this space! 

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